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Trick or Treat!!


It’s that time of the year . . . Halloween!!!! Though, I must admit it’s one of my least favorite holiday ever (closely behind is valentine’s day)  I’m some what excited this year. Not necessarily for Saturday (Halloween day) but for the weekend itself. It’s our (the boys and me) last weekend of partying before the gruesome studying for finals begins. & we’re going out with a bang!!!!  We are going out tonight – girls night tonight at my house, champagne and pre-drinks (we are celebrating being done with our oral arguments YAY!!) and then we are meeting the boys out and having a fun night out. Friday (as custom) LIV with tables and bottles. & then Saturday bottles again. Like I said we’re going out with a bang. So it should be a fun weekend!! Sunday will definitely be a day of recovery =)


With the new season, you tend to see pumpkins EVERYWHERE!!!! & I Love it!!!! I love pumpkins, I could eat them everyday!!! Pumpkin cookies, pie, bread, muffins, shakes, soup, everything. I recently discovered  pumpkin spice and I’m obsessed!!!! I put it it in everything, my oatmeal, granola, ice cream (it’s actually good)!!! I’m also ALWAYS looking for new recipes that have pumpkin in it! With that said if you have any please please please share (especially sweet recipes, I ❤ those)

Well that is all I have for today…….. food for thought…. (this quote is so me!!!) I’ll gladly pass up sleep any day for Fun!!!

Memories are worth all the sleepless nights it takes to make them!!!


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Sorry, Sorry, Sorry!!! Everyone’s been asking about the blog and why I haven’t updated. As much as I would love to say:  it’s because I’ve been super busy with school and life. It’s not true, I’ve just been slacking!!!! So update: Last week I had to take a break from running for a few days. 1. because I could barely walk after Tuesday’s run (I didn’t realize how important stretching really was) and 2. because I needed new shoes (my old sneakers were hurting my toes A LOT). I finally got new sneaker this week My new sneakersThey are super cute and I ❤ them. It’s funny because Papi bough them for me on Monday and I couldn’t wait for Tuesday morning to come so I could get up and go running!!! Nothing like new shoes to get you motivated again =)

I’ve been sort of busy with school. It’s coming up to that time of year when I become a recluse person who lives (literally) in the library =( ugh I’m not looking forward to it. I study for an entire month straight for finals and not to mention pull numerous all nighters. I won’t lie, it sucks!!!! But, to be honest I can’t complain I’ve had a great semester filled with lots of fun and great times (proof: the picture below, this was Friday night at Liv. Liv has become our Friday night spot this semester!!)


Although the fun will be ending soon. I have a couple good weekends left!!! I have Halloween next weekend (still have no idea what I’m going to be, I was thinking maybe a sexy snow white??) Then the first week of November, I have the MIRMIA event on the 5th, which will be tons of fun (although, I’m frantically trying to find a cute dress. I went today to 2 malls and nothing). Then on the 6th I’m flying out to Casa de Campo!!!! It’s Raissa’s Birthday and her best friend- Nicole, Mom- Raysa and I are throwing her a huge party!!  We fly over Friday morning, Saturday we’re going to Palmilla all day on the boat and then having a huge party at the house that night. Sunday (the day of her actual birthday) we’re having a brunch at the house (yum, I love sunday brunch in Casa Grande – Arroz, Picadillo and Guayaba cookies). We fly back to Miami on sunday afternoon and then continue the celebration with Uncle Jorge!!! I can’t wait, it’s gonna be great!!!

Raissa, Me and Nicole in CDC

Oh yeah and how could I forget, next week I have to argue my appellate case in front of 3 (REAL) Judges!!! Ugh not excited, But i did buy a super cute new suit!!! =)

Jcrew = <3

Ok I’m off. I’m going to a friends for taco night. We drunkly started talking about taco’s on the boat Sunday and we decided to have a taco night!!! I was asked to bring dessert, my famous Key Lime Pie!!!! ( & no I won’t give you the recipe) But here’s a yummy picture .

Key Lime Pie

Food for thought- in true Christyne Fashion, end it with a quote

Do you live to eat or eat to liv???

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Hello world!

So I’ve decided to start a blog. About what?? Everything!!! My good friend Barbi, has inspired me to run the ING Miami half-marathon in January. So I recently started training, running about 3-5 miles on the boardwalk. On these runs, everything seems to go through my mind. It’s actually very therapeutic =). No topic seems off limit, I think about school, life, love, work, etc. Well, on todays run I was thinking, I know I can’t always keep in touch with all my friends and when I do get the chance to talk to them, it is always the same……20 min of playing catch up. I have all these great ideas and thoughts and sometimes I just want to write. With that said, I’ve recently come across a few KD’s who have started blogs themselves and I ❤ them. Julie’s Blog Peanut Butter Fingers, is great for new recipes and motivation to stay in shape , Alisha’s Blog is great for style and new trends and there are many more. So considering how much I enjoy reading their blogs. Why not start my own!!! So I have. This way I can write my thoughts and keep in touch with all my friends.

The credits for the title 100% goes to Kimmy. I was thinking something along the lines of sunflowers or a quote (those who know me well, know my love/obsession for quotes) But Legally Brunette just sounded so appropriate and cute!!! So thank you!!!

btw, a short synopsis of the people I’ve mentioned so far:

Barbi – is a good friend of mine, who I’ve become extremely close to in the last few months. I met her while studying in the library last semester for finals and we just hit it off. I swear people come into your life for reasons. Little did we know what a big influence we’d have on each other. Between or weekly lunch/dinner dates and our constant support for each other through everything (boys, life and law), she’s become one of my closest friends. It doesn’t hurt that she shares my obsession for Misha’s either =)

Barbi and Me!!!

Barbi and Me!!!

Kimmy – is one of my closest friends from UCF. A fellow Kappa Delta ❤ in AOT. She’s was the one person in college who was most like me. My church buddy for ash wednesday =), breakfast buddy (because no one woke up as early as we did) and the one who always understood me when I just wanted to vent =) (& I understood her, when she wanted to vent too). After all this time we are still close and still great friends.

Kimmy and Me

Kimmy and Me

I’m going to try and write a blog entry a 2-3x a week. As if I need any more distractions from law school. 2-3x times is a good amount without making it boring or a distraction from school. With that said, I think this is good for my first entry (Hope you’ve enjoyed) I’ll leave you with some food for thought……

“The happiest of people don’t necessarily have the best of everything; they just make the most of everything that comes along their way.”

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