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Goodbye Fun, Hello Finals.


Some friends started asking me about my blog and I’ve realized that I haven’t written much. I started this blog almost a month ago and I’ve only had 3 posts. I’m sure though with the endless hours I will be spending in the library this month, it will constitute numerous blog posts. So stay tuned. I just had my last weekend of fun (at least until Thanksgiving and my trip to NYC) We took my cousin Raissa and 15 of her friends to Casa de Campo (CDC) this weekend & it was SOOOOO MUCH FUN!!! but then again CDC  is always a great time.  The weekend started on Thursday for us, My Aunt had her MIRMIA event, for the MIR Foundation. I spent Thursday running around Miami getting everything ready: packing,  getting Raissita’s present and my outfit for the event. Last minute I decided  to wear a new dress I’ve had since last year and never worn (I had never worn it because I didn’t have shoes for it (shoes at least that i liked for the outfit)). Clearly not having shoes didn’t stop me though. It just meant I needed to go shopping for new shoes. I found a gorgeous pair and after quite the adventure running around Miami to  find them in my size, I got them. The event was super fun and a great beginning to the weekend.



Raissa, Me & the Fabulous shoes


Raissa, Me, Nicole & Rosy at MIRMIA


Friday morning, we were off 7 of us left Palm Beach early in the morning and the other 9 girls flew in later that day. We arrived around 12, after a quick pit stop to pick up Alfy in the bahamas and had a great Casa Grande lunch ( the food in Casa Grande is so good, I literally starve myself the week before I go because the amount of food consumed is ridiculous)



Flight to CDC

After lunch My aunt and I boarded a helicopter and went to pick up the other 9 girls who were flying into the Capital. So much fun!! The girls were all so excited, most had never been to the Dominican! & Boy did they get quite the welcome all the Dominican men had never seen so many beautiful girls. Imagine 11 beautiful girls walking through the airport, it caused quite the stir. hehe



9 Palm Beachers arrive in the Dominican.


Friday Night, we went to La Marina and had a yummy Dinner at Pepperoni and then went out to continue the celebration in Altos at Papa Jacks.



Friday's Dinner



Saturday we went out on the boat to Palmilla and had a great time on the boat dancing and singing (& of course eating)


Saturday night we invited some of Raissita’s Dominican friends and a dinner party for her at the house (so much fun) after more yummy food and champagne we all boarded the bus (yes bus that’s how you transport 17 girls around cdc) and continued the celebration.


Sunday we had a wonderful sunday brunch in Casa Grande (I LOVE LOVE LOVE sunday lunches at CG, we always have the same thing: arroz, picadillo and juevo frito, translation – rice, ground beef and a sunny side egg, it’s a very traditional hispanic meal and SO SO YUMMY)



Sunday Birthday Brunch



After lunch we for I think the third time sang Happy Birthday to Raissita and then headed back to Palm Beach. It was a great weekend and so much fun!! Raissita had a great 18th birthday and we can’t wait till we go back. Probably for New Years (I went last year and had the BEST new years EVER!!)




Goodbye CDC

That’s all I have for now. My posts will become much more frequent in the coming weeks, so look out for that. xoxo

Food for thought:

There is a big difference in what we long for, what we settle for, and what we are meant for.




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