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PB & Chocolate!!!

Hi!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. Mine has been spent in the library :-/ and to make matters worse, I’m coming down with a cold. So today was extra hard!! All I wanted was to come home and snuggle in bed with a good movie. I spent about 7 hours studying so it wasn’t all bad (As for what I learned?? Not too sure). Ever feel like it just doesn’t click?? That’s how business associations is =(. I took my sister to the library with me today, so it was a nice treat.We came home after I realized my brain was at maximum capacity for the day.

Mom had made a delicious salad. It had a mixed medley of greens, shrimp, tomatoes, avocado, mushrooms, cheese, hard-boiled eggs and cucumbers. It was yummy. I saved the left overs for my lunch tomorrow at the library (I’ll try and remember to take a picture)

Before dinner my sister and I decided we wanted to bake something (We have HUGE sweet tooth’s & just ♥ to bake). We found a box of brownies in the cabinet and decided to make brownies w/ a special twist!!!  We’ve been eating peanut butter like its going out of style lately and I suggested making chocolate peanut butter brownies. She loved the idea and we began our experiment. Let me begin by saying I had never added PB to brownies and wasn’t sure how I was going to do it. I quickly looked on some blogs for any ideas, and to no avail, I decided to just create my own. While Gigi (My sister) started mixing together the ingredients, she realized we didn’t have enough oil. So I substituted apple sauce, which I had never done before, but I know its a healthy substitute.

Gigi measuring the apple sauce.

I melted some PB in the microwave . Poured the brownie mix into the baking pan & then drizzled the melted PB over the brownie mix. Baked for 24 minutes (Directions said 25-29 minutes, but I like my brownies mushy). End product….. Delicious.

PB Brownies

I had 2 slices and a big glass of milk & now getting ready for a movie date on the couch with my Mom & sister!! xoxo

Never regret. If it’s good, it’s wonderful. If it’s bad, it’s experience.


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Ugh finals. probably the most dreading part of the semester, for any law student. I prepared my study schedule for the semester and once I realized, what I actually have to study “I FREAKED OUT”!!!! One of my classes, i need to read 1000 pages (2 different books, 500 pages each) of super dense business material. That’s my first final. May 3. As for the rest, I need to still work on my outlines for the others =( needless, to say the next 4 weeks will be anything but fun!

This morning I had breakfast as usual, Oatmeal! I honestly never get tired of this. And the more raisins the better =)

The latest craze on the blog word is the Green Monster (“GM”). I’ll admit I was very reluctant to try it. Maybe because of its Icky color? This didn’t stop me though from spreading the word to everyone else and convincing them to try it (hehe, part of my scheme to make sure it was good, before “I” tried it. They were my “test bunnies”) Well, I finally had all the ingredients at home and decided I should “man” up and try it.

What’s the verdict? ………. I wasn’t a fan! Maybe, I didn’t do it right?? I followed the Green Monster Movement, virgin recipe! I used:

  1. Ice;
  2. few handfuls of spinach;
  3. some regular (cow’s) milk;
  4. a banana; and
  5. then some Nesquik (I didn’t have any protein powder, I figured Nesquik chocolate milk powder, would give it that chocolatey kick). =)

The first sip was ok and then it just went down hill from there. I had my brother and sister try it too, they agreed with me, it just wasn’t that great. Ok, but not great.  Which didn’t make sense, because all of my “test bunnies” loved it and have it all the time now. Maybe I should try adding a scoop of peanut butter?? I will it give it another try (maybe not for a few weeks though). Ok I’m off to the Library, I spent 11 hours there yesterday and mentally preparing myself for another long day. Wish me luck!!!!

Sometimes people are the strongest when they have no one to hold them up.

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Welcome Back!!!

Wow, it’s been awhile since my last post ( 5 months =/ ) I’ve kept up with the blog world, just not with “my” blog. This isn’t to say that I haven’t thought about my blog though. Over the the last few months, I’ve constantly  pondered the idea of what I wanted to write about and what direction I wanted to take my blog in. I read all sorts of blogs, food, fashion, fitness, etc. Some days, I really wanna do a food blog and share everything I eat and all the yummy desserts I make (I have a HUGE sweet tooth). Other days I want to write a fashion blog and share all my fabulous fashion finds and wants. Other days I want to do fitness blog (on my bucket list is running a marathon, and I figure writing a fitness blog about my training up to the marathon will help me stay motivated). Then some days I want to write about my love for traveling (one of my true passions in life) and then other days I just want to write about life in general, the good, the bad and the up’s & down’s. So since I haven’t made up my mind about what topic I want to write about, I’ve decided (literally 2 seconds ago) that I’m going to write about all of those things. It’s my blog right? I can write about whatever I want =)

So I guess I should start with a recap of the last 5 months huh? My life has been great, I really have no complaints. I’m beginning to study for my law school finals (I’m in the end of my 2nd year & can’t believe I only have a year left eeekkkk). I’ve done a lot of traveling this year (which I’ll share in a later post) and have loved every trip!! I’ve found many delicious desserts recipes (which I’ll also share). And I’m trying to find the courage and motivation to start training for a marathon. My goal is to run in the Disney Marathon, which is in January of 2011. I figure 8 months away is plenty of time to train for a marathon (Keep in mind though, I’m not sure if I can even run to the corner right now) Well, Thats all for now. I need to get back to studying, criminal procedure is calling my name =(

I’ll leave you though with a picture of my new obsession (I have it practically every morning) Pumpkin Spice Oatmeal, holy yum. ( Ok my iphone must have eaten the picture, this is not my picture but you get the idea)

  1. I heat up some water (I’m really picky though and only use Zephyrhills water, I’m a firm believer that ALL water tastes different)
  2. Empty a packet of Quaker Oat Instant Maple Brown Sugar Oatmeal into a bowl
  3. Sprinkle “POUR” Pumpkin Pie spice over Oatmeal
  4. Add some Granola to Oatmeal
  5. Then add boiling water to the bowl, mix it all together and get ready for a PARTY in your mouth =) I have to thank the blog word for this wonderful creation, especially Caitlin, of Healthy Tipping Point.

That’s all for now, in true Love & Sunflower theme here’s some food for thought

Instead of worrying about what people say about you, why not spend time trying to accomplish something they’ll admire!!

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