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Hello Summer!!!

I haven’t posted in almost a month, but finals consumed my life, literally!!!! I don’t think I’ve EVER, pulled so many all nighters!!! At least twice, I went over 50 hours without sleeping!! Bad, I know, but I just can’t sleep before a final knowing that there’s more information that I could be absorbing!! I’m not one of those who believe that “if you don’t know it now, you’re not going to know it,” No, not true, at least not for me. I study, study, study till the last-minute!!! The day before a final, my phone goes on silent, Facebook gets deactivated & I take a seat at the dinning room table. Getting up only, to go to the bathroom and stretch my legs (sitting for 24 hours is so painful on your knees).  Hopefully, all the hard studying pays off. (Side note, This is on top of all the studying I did all semester, law school is no fun)

It’s finally all over now =) My last final was yesterday at 2 pm and I’m now a 3L (third year law student). I officially only have 1 year left of law school =)  So what am I going to do this summer??? absolutely nothing!! This is my last summer before the real world starts, so I’m going to enjoy it. I considered taking some classes, but decided against it, since my school requires me to take 12 credits every semester. It would be pointless to take more classes when I only need 28 credits left to graduate, and I usually take 14 a semester.

What have I done in my first 36 hours of summer…… SLEEP!!!!!! My body clearly needed it. I didn’t officially wake up till about 6pm today!! that’s almost 19 hours of sleep, crazy huh? Oh well, sometimes you just have to listen to your body. Now, I’m catching up on all my DVR’d shows, ( I must have about +30 hours on there =) I can’t wait) & reading up on all the blog posts that I’ve missed. Tonight Julie, posted an amazing recipe for peanut butter cookies!!! Once I saw that it only had 3 ingredients & that I had all the ingredients. I headed straight to the kitchen.

Mix the ingredients: 1 egg, 1 cup of sugar & 1 cup of peanut butter:


Roll them up into little balls

& then Bake at 350 degrees, for about 13-15 minutes.

Peanut Butter Cookies

Holy Yum!!! They were amazing!!!! I’ve had 3 and probably headed soon for my 4th!!! Dad’s already had 4!!! Thank you Julie for the great post!!! I’m sure I’ll be making them again!!!!

That’s all for now, I’m going to start doing all my backed up laundry, that I’ve neglected for the past month. Clearly my body is still on my nocturnal finals schedule. =(

Food for thought:

Sometimes people are the strongest when they have no one to hold them up.


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